Friday, 30 May 2014

Birds and Cactus, cacti, or cactuses - you choose

Here we go. Part one of Centennial Park Conservatory.

And that's the tiny lobby.

Into the cactus room. Watch out Melanie, burro!

This guy was a bit shy.

This guy on the other hand was right out there!

Very much reminded me of Sideshow Bob.

Dreads were not quite as polished from behind. Harder to see in the mirror I guess.

This was neat.




I wonder what they do in the winter. Shrink wrap?

There were some really cool birds.

But Angel was the coolest dude.

Looks like he is well taken care of:

Angel would have little yelling fits but he did say hello for me. If you listen carefully here you can hear it at approximately 49 seconds.

Meanwhile closer to home remember the chippie hole we tried to plant over? And it was cleared out a few hours later?

Well this was the next day:

Message received. The chippies are large and in charge and here to stay!

I'm expecting a condominium tomorrow.

We still had a meadow yesterday...

But they finally mowed it today just in time for Harry's kitty massage.

He comes running when he hears Alice's voice and falls at her feet.

That is a happy cat!

I'm hoping this is the start of a tulip tree flower:

My friend Johanna is participating in the Relay for Life as we speak. She made me a luminary!

So Cool!


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