Saturday, 3 May 2014

An old friend

I don't mind grey days especially when there's some nice warm rain like today.

I suppose warm is relative but when I left here 9 was only to be dreamed of balmy so I'll take it.

My new sun hat that I bought with my birthday money from Anne worked a treat to keep my glasses dry.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold a store bought hat that fits my head.

Been wanting to catch a bunny for quite a while. This one posed in the rain for a long time.

There was a soggy squirrel too.

Today was the first day I walked around to where the roses were. Had kind of being avoiding that area. I talked about the roses in this blog entry just before I left for Halifax.

I could not have been more surprised to see this today:

Really only one left and it's not pretty but there's new life arriving.



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