Friday, 16 May 2014

Under the sea - the finale

Okay back to wrapping up Tuesday's Little Mermaid. When we left, Emily was having her make up put on.

Whiskers thought about coming along but decided against it.

Can't keep that smile down despite the "poor unfortunate soul" make up!

We had some time to kill while Emily got ready.

So we had fun playing heads up. Can't believe I didn't take any pictures of that. Too busy having fun I guess.

Emily is a fortunate young lady to be so loved.

Emily's dance was in quite dark light with the spotlight on the actors so I don't think I'll post the video. Next year they are doing Beauty and the Beast. Emily is hoping to take musical theatre and plans to try out for some roles. It's so fun to watch her have fun and perform with confidence.

A reenacted presentation of the cake pop bouquet.

And then time for some serious selfie's!

Proud of my girl.

Special shout out to Josh for taking me home and Ava and Olivia for wearing my rollator and cane in the back seat all the way :)

I almost had to drag Harry outside today. He was fully aware that it was only 7 degrees and was not happy about it.

Bea is surprised when she sees pictures of herself. She sees all the wrinkles. I see beauty.

Look what my niece Deborah found!

Wish I lived closer.



  1. Emily is so beautiful. I love the silhouette of her with her leg in the air.

  2. Wonderful job Emily,

    You will be great at whatever you attempt.

    Love, Auntie Anne