Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Jump for joy

Yesterday started with spending the day with karen. Can't beat that! We found a fun bouquet to give Emily after her performance.

The busy lady at Never Enough Thyme was happy to help us out.

Mr Whiskers was happy to see me. As far as I can tell :)

I got to see the Mother's Day flowers.

And watch the homework happen just like old times. Caleb had to try to water down his French skills to teach the core grade sixes. I still couldn't read it but Karen could.

Grade nine next year will be his first year not in French immersion since grade one.

Emily always has a good reaction!

Her best friend Emma was along for the evening's festivities which started with some jumping directly after supper.

Wrastlin' time.

Caleb promised that he wouldn't toss Emma about this time so we could send her on her Disney cruise next week uninjured.

But he made no such promise regarding his sister.

A pause for a pose.

Then whump! Pink Panther style blindside.

Don't worry it was all in fun.

Then it was time to begin the make up journey. Which is where we will pick up another day.

Can you tell Emily loves hair spray?

It was great to get swimming again tonight. I really missed it.

Love all these kids and the exuberance they add to my life!


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