Monday, 26 May 2014

I can see you

I really think this chippie wanted my attention. I was nowhere near a nest and he/she yelled out till I noticed it.

After it had it's close up it followed me along the building till I left it's territory. Maybe it was just trying to give me positive reinforcement for leaving the cat at home.

When I got back from my first walk Harry was so revved up that he actually rushed out without waiting for his harness.

We nipped that in the bud and he had a good porch sit.

The problem is that he would do much better walking in the evening during twilight (maybe he's a vampire) but I just can't take the bugs.

I went out again for a quick non cat walk before cards.

This bunny's chief defence was to sit really really still and assume I could no longer see it.

Finally when I had inched closer than I had any right to it hopped off to give me another angle. #luckyihadacameranotagun

Fun to move around the bunny statue till it looked like it was sniffing the dandelion.


Really wish I had thought of this and that I could give credit to the person that did:

That is one relaxed cat!

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