Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Here comes Peter cottontail

This must be the season for bunny activity. I would enjoy taking pictures of a tame rabbit too but there's something about not having any control over where the animal goes and yet having them look right at you with no fear and continue eating that's pretty neat.

Not sure that would've happened if Harry was around.

Harry didn't have the best start to his day.

But he wasn't distressed too badly and now he has a microchip embedded between his shoulder blades with my contact information in case he ever gets lost when we're out and about.

So I guess I like my rabbits free and my cats safe.


Second walk.

Harry mostly did porch skulking today and that's okay.

Second rabbit:

This is a before picture for the gazebo. Last year the grasses grew as tall as it.

Little Scottish Lizzy is ramping up the cutie factor seems like every day!


Harry's weigh in today wasn't quite this bad:

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