Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ta ta ti ti

Tonight was Emily's Kodály Choir performance at the Centre in the Square.

Emily has been getting up at the crack of dawn for Monday morning practices all year for this!

Zoltán Kodály is the man that brought indecipherable hand signals and the pain of ta ta ti ti, ta-a-a ta-o-o-o to my non rhythmical self's grade school music class experience. The hi-lite of which was the day I had the hiccups and therefore got the beat right for a change.

I had no trouble later learning the traditional - every good boy deserves fudge way to read and play music but whatever learning style Zoltán Kodály's craft represents - colour me profoundly outside that box.

But let's forgive and forget for one magical night shall we?

People who go on about kids nowadays not knowing how to behave should've seen these 480 grades 4 through 6 kids tonight.

The evening started with a big traffic jam on the expressway so it was amazing to be only a few minutes late.

Yes. The red intestine sculpture is still standing. Wonder if the artist made some clothes for the emperor too.

Lots of time for selfies in line.

And to see how much Caleb has grown.

Must take a lot of pictures before as we're not supposed to during the performance. Ack!

I think we all need to take a moment and be grateful we were not in the committee meeting(s) where they hammered out this mission statement:

Turns out it was actually a picture free-for-all before hand so here's a picture of Emily taken with my iPod.

Funniest part of the whole night was this:

The kids had been told not to wave to their family but we in the audience had no such compunction in reverse.

We were happy when Caleb managed to get Emily to see where we were.

The kids sang beautifully especially considering how late it got and that they'd done it all already this morning in dress rehearsal.

If I'm going to be honest it was too long by exactly the length of the high school group's second set.

But the sheer magnitude of that many music teachers working together in passive aggressive harmony (pun intended) boggles the mind. Apparently this is the only Kodály Choral group still functioning in North America and they did it last night too with 500 different kids. Hats off teachers. Hats waaay off.

I managed to not take a single photo or video during the performance even during the last song when a lot of people were going for broke because, hey who cares if they got kicked out now?

But I am looking forward to next weeks dance recital/play where as far as I know I can record to my hearts delight :)

After the show I decided to try out the iPod's flash and upon nearly blinding Caleb for this excellent picture...

turned it right back off again.

Well done Emily and our friend Max too!


After my experience with Bellaliant out east this chart is near and dear to my heart:

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  1. Oh, the pain! Dan says that your kids' music concerts are just a warm-up for hell. :) Glad you survived!