Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I don't like you but thank you

Seriously. I love the pool.

This is the funniest thing:

That's a cookie over a Chippie hole. Guess they couldn't work out how to get it down there. It was gone a few hours later so someone must have figured it out or stolen it.

Tomorrow I have to go see my least favorite cancer doctor. Just don't enjoy her personality at all. Not even a smidgen. Seems churlish to complain about it when I'm in a good place diagnosis wise right now but I guess that makes sense because when I'm not scared it's easier to resent having to go to these frequent, painfully invasive appointments. You folks with your yearly physical appointments that you stretch out to three years are so cute.

Seriously go make your appointment now.

I'll wait.

(Drums fingers and whistles)

So I guess since I can't change the fact that this doctor will be annoying (and she will be) what I CAN try to change is my attitude. At some point in my appointment I will say thank you. Even if I don't mean it.

And I will enjoy the fact that she will tell me the good news about last week's ct scan even though my GP (best doctor ever) already spilled the beans. And I will also enjoy her nurse Jean who is also the best ever.

And then it will all be over again for a little while.

There. Thank you for accompanying me on that little journey in my head. You're welcome.


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