Monday, 12 May 2014

Crab apple blossoms

Yesterday we started out our trip to the Hamilton Botanical Gardens with a swing by of Rockway Gardens here in Kitchener. Not quite to the same scale but pretty non-the-less. I'm getting kinda adept at taking pictures from a car :)

I'm appreciating all the Shuriken ninja throwing star tulips this year especially now that I know they're not all just exhausted at the same time but rather welcoming the sun.

I tried to google what these kind of tulips are actually called but just got led down a never ending garden path. Apparently they close tightly at night.

Not nearly as much smog in Steel City as there used to be.

This goose was there to greet us at the entrance. He had the exact same relaxed way of crossing the road as his brother in Nova Scotia.

It simply would not do to hurry.

Don't know what kind of tree this is but it's pretty impressive.

Pretty sure these are crab apple blossoms.

We'll have to get to the cherry and magnolia trees tomorrow.

I didn't catch a lot of birds though I do think I saw an eagle but this bright yellow guy caught my eye. He was bigger than a finch.

Sorry for the blur, still working on my manual focus skills.

When I got home I saw another bright yellow bird.

That's my friend Alice and her beau Allan with the top down!

Harrison was quite quite ready to head out for a walk.

I use the term "walk" loosely.

He flops over when anyone comes close and begs for a belly rub. Most people have been burned by this with other cats in the past and know enough to ask if he really means it.

He does.

Today there were lots of Mother's Day flowers coming outside to live.

And last but certainly not least my friend Bea.


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