Thursday, 1 May 2014

Nappin on the dock by the river

ML and Philip celebrated 38 years of marriage today with some KFC (of course) and a rest on their new dock.

Later ML was able to attend a meeting via skype which is cool.

I mentioned their new dock yesterday and I'm happy to show you some pictures that she sent today. It's really cool. Can you blame ML for wanting to get home to this view?

In the past number of years ML has suffered very badly from bug bites. A large part of her whole forearm might swell up from one bite. We are really hoping the transplant will change that but nevertheless this cabin will allow her to be on the water safe from bugs.

Snug as a bug.

Ok. How about this for a deal? I'm going to resume my regular blog programming which as a general rule is a lot of pictures of what catches my eye on any particular day around here. I do still have a lot of scenery pictures from Halifax to post later on slow cat walking days.

If there's an update on ML maybe she'll repost a link to that blog on her Facebook page or just update her status but I won't automatically post to her Facebook page anymore.

So please feel free to friend me on Facebook or bookmark my blog or carry on as you were before I got involved. Know that I love you for loving and caring about my sister!

Today was Harrison and my first official walk of spring. I know not everyone likes cats and that's cool. I just hope you see how much joy this boy brings me.

We headed out while there was a break in the grey.

There was much checking of porch landmarks.

And our old friend - the grate.

Turns out I'm going to get two chances at spring flowers this year which is very cool.

Makes up for the last two springs that I missed due to knee surgeries.

Thought this was neat - growing through last years leaf:

We made it around to our favorite squirrel watching station.

We made it half way around the whole building and were almost home when drama arrived in the form of my brother Al and his dog Max.

Harry's not afraid of dogs but Max has never had his nose boxed by a cat so he has no fear.

I almost hate to show that last picture because it's the antithesis to Harry's character, he doesn't even accidentally scratch me, but Max was pretty close and barking and it made an interesting picture.

Poor Max had no idea what Harrison was going on about :)

Al is getting very limpy so I'm glad he's have his hip replaced in July.

Emily got top marks for her school project on Abraham Lincoln that ML and Ella helped with from out east!


It's all about attitude!

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