Wednesday, 30 April 2014


ML is home enjoying her beautiful river view and helping Philip figure out their new fancy dock.

My flight was fairly uneventful other than accidentally checking my iPad but it survived. I took a ton of pictures on the plane even though it was mostly dark. Haven't looked at them yet.

Henry was there to pick me up and managed to snap a picture of this.

Harry remains a tad aloof which for him means only cuddling 90% of the time he normally would rather than 100.

I got the biggest best group hug ever when Caleb and Emily came rushing in tonight.

They loved their gifts from ML.

Ear rings for Karen and Emily from our friendly jewelry making lady in the hospital lobby.

And a Halifax mini flash light for Caleb.

Who is the best sport ever as you can see, modeling Karen's new ear rings.

Emily made me this cool duck tape wallet!

My people:

We took it easy at swimming tonight. All of us have budding colds. My voice started rasping on the way home from the airport. I might just need to sleep for a solid week and I'll be fine. I don't even care if I get sick now that I'm not with ML. I was saying that I didn't realize how much I was on alert for germy people until I heard people cough in the restaurant and at the pool and got a bit giddy because I didn't care. Cough away folks not near pei, cough away.

Let's check in with some of our favorite babies :)

Also wanted to show you the beautiful hand made card I received from my friend Heather for the bit of help I gave her with her camera while we were in Halifax. She takes the cutest pictures of her dog.


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