Sunday, 20 April 2014


This happened today:

What can I say. Her sinus cold is a lot better. No drs or hospital till early o'clock on Tuesday.

Tomorrow we head back to the lodge.

Mary Lynn wisely decided to stay away from crowds today even though it was Easter Sunday. I think God's okay with it. She did come up with this sometime in the night.

Probably after I woke up chatting up a storm in my sleep. Apparently I saw a very large hole and was quite excited about it.

ML felt sporty enough to make a yummy nacho casserole for lunch and then we had an awesome Easter feast from our friends the Passeys. Thank you!

Ella was able to attend her family dinner knowing we were very well taken care of indeed!

After dinner I worked on pictures because with Henry's help I overcame ML's Mac computer's hatred of my camera and found a side door in with Picasa. Such a relief! Macs intuitive and easy to use? My hairy right elbow. Maybe I'll love it in a week or so but not just today. Nevertheless I'm SO grateful to ML's friend Mike for upgrading her computer. It's not you - it's me and my 25 years of PC'ing. She's going to have so much fun with FaceTime etc. Thank you!

Cooper and Harry had a fun weekend while Coop's dad celebrated a big birthday. Happy birthday Chris!

Can you tell the boy's mom is a vet tech? He knows how to approach a cat.

Mind you Henry said that later he was chasing Harry around the house trying to ride him. Cooper not Henry :)

Harry probably loved it. He grew up with a little boy named Eli that he loved with all his heart.

Miss my boy but he's at his second home. Waiting.

Ok listen. We have a lot of pictures to catch up on. This is our walk to public garden last Thursday. Love all the colour!

And my personal favorite, this skinny little guy fresh from hibernation.

Haven't seen a single squirrel though which is so strange to me! Maybe the seagulls keep them at bay.

Look how Melissa's Knit and Purl have grown!


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