Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Days at the Lodge that Cares

Quiet day with no doctors or hospitals. We mostly ate and played games. ML did the victory cheer only once when we played Cribbage with our friend Heather.

Might've been beginners luck as I won the next game. Though I'm pretty much a beginner too and ML picked it up really fast.

And the canasta game earlier was all mine too.

Earlier in the day we said good bye and good luck to our friend Janet who was leaving today after her last ever treatment.

We will sure miss her smile and caring presence but we're happy she's done and on her way!

She made it up that hill with her rollator every day and didn't have a sister to push it up for her :)

Here are more pictures from sight seeing on Monday:

More car window photography:

Still more pictures from Monday later.

Coop and Harry back home:

Harry slipped his leash...

But just wanted up on the porch onto Henry's lap anyway.

We just skyped again. Harry was in the kitchen but came running when he heard my voice. There's no question he knows it's me.

I wondered if skyping would make it better or worse for the boy but it seems to perk him up so maybe I'll do it oftener. I'll be seeing him next Tuesday night in person as that's when my flight home is booked. Weather should (maybe) be nice enough for us to get some real cat walking in soon.

Henry just emailed to say that Harrison was trying to play with his phone after he hung up. Guess he wasn't done with the call :)

Oh and here are our friends from Public Garden on their Facebook page:

If love to find out which is which.


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