Thursday, 10 April 2014

A walk in the park

Big walk today all the way to the harbour.

Kidding. That's on a wall. But we DID walk to Victoria park and Public Gardens.

No Dr's or bloodwork or really anything medically at all :) ML is doing very well as you will see in the pictures.

Ok listen. I spent the afternoon trying to download the pictures from my big camera on ML's Mac. No offence (I'm a staunch iPod iPad person) but boy I missed my windows 7 CPU.

I'm proud that I figured out that it's because her snow leopard or some such OS X animal is not up to date enough to deal with my camera. And I can't upgrade it online because it's not up to date enough to up date. Yes.

All that to say you are looking at pictures I've taken of my camera's display screen with my iPod. You need to promise you'll look at them again when I can download them right.

It was only plus 1 or 2 feels like minus something. But sun!

Rabbie Burns took pride of place in Victoria park for some reason. Well him and the beautiful pigeons.

I was taking pictures of the flowers when this happened.

I may be handing in my care giver badge. But ML read the list of post transplant don'ts after we got home and not climbing trees wasn't on the list. No rough sports and you have to brush your teeth gently but climbing trees must be ok.

Just kidding, she was super careful and is not feeling weak or dizzy at all. Tomorrow is a full afternoon of hospital stuff so we'll have to make a gentler kind of fun. Plus also ML says maybe Jim's DNA inspired the tree climbing :)

Put a feather in my cap...

Did laundry and rested in the afternoon and celebrated after supper with Mom's favorite kind of pie.

Tonight we skyped with our brother henry...

And played Quiddler.

Which for a game where you have to prove your word is real has a funny way of naming itself.

I maintain that forky is a real word.

Plus also I am the winner! Woot! (And possibly also a cheater with zinnea.)

Last night after I'd put the blog to bed I received this poem from Emily that she wrote for me. I was blown away.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I know that from pictures
that I took with you!

You always make me laugh,
You always make me smile,
I can't wait to see you in a while!

Sorry we can't be with you
on your special day,
But we had a lot of fun with you
last Wednesday!
(And every other Wednesday!)

I'm sorry if this poem
doesn't make sense,
But I want you to know its in past,
present and future tense!

Because I love you
I'm gonna say:

💜u so much!

Best poem ever! I am so fortunate.

Look at these Holstein kittens!

They are only 3 days old as of yesterday and I can hook you up if you live in southern Ontario. I so want one but Harry doesn't. They are so cute but lose the battle of cute to this stunningly cute grand baby of ML!

Can't wait to see her again in July!

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