Saturday, 5 April 2014


I'll let Mary Lynn sum things up for you today. She writes:

On the home front I continue to consider starting packing for my Tuesday flight but instead enjoyed yet another early birthday treat with my friends Kathy and she who must not be made record of. I actually had to tell her to put her hand up, she's getting slower at it :)

Kathy is a super knitter as you can see from this cutest cup holder ever...

and the worst picture ever of some splendid slippers.

I have the best friends ever!

Harrison and I studied up on Cardinal sounds this morning. You can hear them here if you promise not to bite the iPad with excitement.

It's going to be all birds all the time here soon but my walk started out with the moon. I pointed at the sky to show you how blue the sky was and the moon happened to be right there.

The clouds were moving really fast.

This tail was waving in the wind.

I spent about 15 minutes craning my neck trying to find a cardinal I could hear but when I gave up and started taking pictures of robins he came around a few times to get in the pictures too.

And now for one or two, ahem, robin pictures:

Hey Ed, think the rain'll hurt the rhubarb?

There are a tremendous amount of differing opinions or "facts" about robins on the google. Especially on how to tell a male from a female. Half of the google spouts the information that females are paler and don't have orange bellies but apparently that's not always true.

Some of them do seem a bit smaller and a touch paler:

And others more robust;

I'm probably completely wrong.

Some of these make me think more of fish.


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