Saturday, 19 April 2014

Skype day

A quiet but fun day at Ella's bed and breakfast and lunch and dinner and anything else you could want.

She thoroughly cleaned our clocks at Quiddler, a game she's never played before.

Here's ML crying over her third Quiddler loss this week.

Mary Lynn's sinus pain has eased a lot and I haven't heard her sneeze in a long while :) We're still going to stay in for tomorrow.

We did very much enjoy the visits of two of ML's couple friends this evening. I'd get the names wrong so I won't try but one couple brought us plates of Easter dinner food for tomorrow and the other had a beautiful dog along that I played with in the back yard so win win!

Also after being here for nearly two weeks I'm fairly certain that everyone in Nova Scotia and PEI know each other or of each other. They probably all know Kevin Bacon first hand too.

This afternoon we skyped with our family in Ontario after they had the traditional Easter Sushi meal. They were sitting around outside in shirt sleeves.

Cooper set up the call.

Ava carried the phone around.

We found out Jim is doing just fine since the stem cell donation and happy to be back into his work out schedule.

I heard a man at the hospital talk about getting those shots Jim did and needing to go to emerge over the pain of them so Jim did quite well with just a few Tylenol.

To be fair the man was growing the stem cells to be used for himself so he probably wasn't feeling well in the first place. We've run into a number of people who don't have donors but reuse their own cleaned up blood in the stem cell transplant.

Cooper decided to explore the taste of dirt as I imagine he'd just had some chocolate fountain for lunch and they looked comparable.

I don't think he did it twice.

Here are the fish pictures from the hospital on Friday.

They were permanently in the O o mode.


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