Tuesday, 22 April 2014


First of all Woo Hoo! Numbers are starting to go up and she's doing so well that the top doc of the whole transplant dealie said ML can probably go home after her doctor's appointment next week Tuesday! She'll need to come back in two weeks to check in but if things keep ticking along she should be sprung!

She's still only at approx 15% of where she should be as far as infection fighters go and top Doc says she should avoid crowds for the whole 100 days post transplant. The nurse said "Church is worst."

I guess if you think about it the cheerful welcoming extroverts at the church door are like very efficient germ exchange agents. But never mind, God is not limited by walls. ML is not afraid but she is respecting the process.

And the numbers are headed in the right direction!

Yesterday we did some sight seeing around Halifax.

You can see a bit of the Bluenose ship weathervane on the top of the Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre.

I though ML meant a ship in the water so I didn't get it well. Here's a picture from the internet:

Lots of pictures through the car window. Never seen so many cranes in my life.

More pictures from sight seeing another time.

Later we went to Fabricworld so ML could look for her mother of the groom dress. She found the patterns she wants but not the material yet. Ella was a big help.

It will probably be this body for the dress...

And these sleeves.

Still looking :)

And here's the swell I left in my wake:

Cool dude puppy:

Good night!


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