Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wigging out

Mary Lynn's temp has been really good all day so we've been entertaining no thoughts of heading to the ER. That's our destination should it head up to 38. She is still sneezing quite a bit but feeling pretty good otherwise. She's resting in between the fun.

So. Today she had a meeting with a pharmacy person then we started out the games with some heads up.

Then we had lunch and ML and some friends headed over for some massages.

Most people come in here and sit at the single tables then gradually you meet people and start sitting together at the long central table. It's pretty fascinating - the cross section of people you meet. They're not all nice just because they have cancer but the boat they're riding in sails the same sea and you can be as involved or private as you want to be.

Supper was ham and scalloped potatoes and talk turned to gardening. ML did some much needed moving around of plants that needed a change of scenery.

After supper I tried to download the pictures from my chilly walk.

But we go to Ella's tomorrow where there will be a better computer so I'll download most of them there and tell you about it then. Still haven't seen any water but I caught a bird with a worm in its mouth and some fuzzy tree buds. Next best thing - and I mean that sincerely. Ordinary is my photography wheelhouse.

Also look! I think their dandelions might be different than ours unless this is a completely different weed/flower.

And apparently Henry street has a crossing for hand-less children.

That was the first stand up joke I remember hearing besides - I just flew in to town and boy are my arms tired.

But really I'm just torturing you with trivia when I could've been showing you this!

ML tried it on over at the massage place. I think we can all agree it's a no. Well maybe it's just me because she looks like a lady I used to work with named Hilda who chain smoked Marlboros.

But the lighting was bad and it's just such a shocking change. She could totally rock this look with a smokey purple eye if she wanted to.

Never the less let's cleanse our palettes with some flowers. Brent and Joannie's are hanging in nicely.

And we had these on our tables today because we were on display for some fundraising people at lunch.

We laughed pretty hard because after I wrote about how it looks like a granny square afghan mated with a pink sheep around here last night they took away 80% of it in prep for the big wig visit at noon.

Ok so then we beat Karen at scrabble and dice with buddies via FaceTime and Skyped with Harrison.

Harry meowed and meowed when he heard my voice to the point where it looked like he was eating something then he headed downstairs to pull himself together apparently.

After we chatted with Henry for a while Harry reappeared and went into a turtleing frenzy.

He rolled over and over and looked right into the screen sometimes. No question he knew it was me. At least he knows I'm alive :)

And not too long after he was calmly cuddling with Unky Henry again.

Then ML went down and found these:

Purple lemon filled whoopie pie type thingies for our final game of the day.

Hmmm. Larky.

Didn't matter.

My won.

Tomorrow over to Ella's for the weekend. Hospital stuff Friday then the weekend.


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  1. Loving reading all about your adventures with ML.
    The yellow flowers are Coltsfoot, and they are one of the best harbingers of spring that I know! :)