Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I've been reading the birthday wishes on Mary Lynn's wall and it gave me a sense of how very very many people love her while sporting multiple ways of spelling her name. I mean I knew we love her but we're her family so that's our job (and privilege.) And we also spell her name creatively sometimes so that must mean you are all family too!

I have a growing sense of excitement, not just because I'll be on one of these next Tuesday..,

to be with her but because I believe her life is getting a fresh new start and that's exciting!

Today's chemo was happily uneventful again. Yay boring!!!! Philip is treating her royally and gave her some yummy sugar free chocolates to enjoy. They are excited to pick up Jim tomorrow early evening and take him out for a big fish dinner.

Go team Mary Lynn!

Why did the robin cross the road?

Dunno but he made it.

Today some good friends took me out for an early birthday lunch at King's Buffet.

Happy when the glass was full...

Sad when it was empty.


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  1. Today's main bird is the robin. I love the 2 in the tree together.
    Yes, I'm glad we got to stay at home today so I could receive my big bouquet of Flowers from Brent and Joannie, and all the many birthday greetings. We watched a program from a single bed too. Welcome to Halifax R!