Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pampered chicks

So for the bottom line people, ML had more blood work today and a few numbers are up a bit while others went down more. How's that for science! ML does have the sneezers and some congestion so we're watching that carefully. Jim's blood is getting feisty.

I have a lot of pictures to catch you up on for the last few days. We have been quite pampered here!

Ok seeing the wigs in that first room was foreshadowing at its finest...

Mary Lynn had her own wig trimmed and tried on a blond one just for fun.

No go.

But here's the thing. I'm the one going home with one! Ha!

Don't get used to it but I might break it out when you least expect it!

I went subtle with my fingers but bolder with the toes.

Emily will be surprised to hear I have kept the polish on my fingers for 24 hours now.

Katie was very very nice. ML wrote her a very nice note of recommendation.

Today we headed over for ML's appoint bright and early.

Imitating the king pigeon at the park while showing off my nails.

Waiting for Dr White who was not my favorite.

Mary Lynn at play.

Skyping with ML's son Paul yesterday. We had a virtual tour of his home. We talked with Brent and Joannie today. Hopefully we will catch up with Luke and Jennifer and Rebekah yet too.

Yesterday star fruit appeared at lunch and ML can't eat fruit with thin skins so I was her official taster.

Nuff said.

Btw way if you ever feel the need to live in a house full of knitted stuff apparently cancer is a magnet for it.

Plus at least two afghans in every room. I mean it's nice but share the wealth.

Okay back to park pictures from yesterday.

We brought some bird pie.

Our favorite from last week.

I love that ML left her mark in some of the pictures. Makes them that much more special.

Our new favorite.

Mr bossy pants:

Little but not shy:


This little family seemed to be together:

The roses made the local paper today :)


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