Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mooses and robins and fairies oh my

Well the chemo nausea fairy arrived for Mary Lynn today. But hey so did Jim! She's in good spirits as always and has her eyes on the prize. She's got gravol and another anti nausea med at the ready.

I told her as she's nearing ground zero there's bound to be some upheaval but hopefully she won't have to heaval up everything!

Philip took Jim out for a fish supper and then Jim came back and met his room mate and I'm sure had a hug or two with ML. Their internet was down for part of the evening.

Okay so I had a wonderful day. Early birthday supper at the moose with Karen and some of my favorite kids. Many more pictures that need to be in a quick slideshow to the song Happy from Despicable Me but here are a few to tide you over.

It was the night of the photo bomb.

You'd think I knew that Emma was behind me but you'd be wrong. Just making a random face.

Moose hands!

Hey look there's Patrick Stewart, incognito, photo bombing Karen and Caleb!

I landed the spinning wheel between pie in the face and something boring that I can't remember so of course I dialed it over to maximum fun.

It was delicious and hardly any went up my nose this time.

I told the waitress that I'd done this to celebrate the end of radiation too but much prefer to celebrate my birthday.

Look sharp next time you visit ML!

Can we just pause for a moment and admire how good Karen is looking these days?

She's quick too!

I had NO idea! D'ya see her hand in the first one? This makes me laugh so hard.

Like I said more pictures later but I've been up since 7:30 because I had my knee check up in London this morning.

My other dear sister Anne took me there. I highly recommend having three sisters!

Everything went great. He's happy with me and I don't have to go back for a whole year. We can stop doing blood tests for infection. Yay. My other knee has enough arthritis to qualify for replacement but it certainly doesn't hurt enough to go there yet. I'd need a bit more time to forget the three I had done on the right. I think it'll be a while :)

It was a looooong appointment because I had to wait exactly two hours in X-Ray. I told the lady beside me that after watching two hours of game shows with the sound off I was ready to jump up and down too when my name was called.

The actual doctor's visit went awesome quick because everyone needed to go for lunch.

We stopped for a treat on the way home.

Thanks Anne!

So it's pretty much all robins all the time around here.

The sound is driving Harrison squirrelly but he maintains that any snow is too much snow.

And also maintains his habit of keeping one foot off the cold ground until such a time as it's warm enough to go barefoot for reals. Now let me in.

You could park under almost any tree and sooner or later a robin would pop in.

Salted pretzels?

Night from Harry and me.



  1. I ate the Anne's chocolate cake slab before I got home. It was deliciously light too.
    Keep showing Robins and try for a Red Winged Blackbird.
    I don't know what Cynthia is talking about me having bright Red nail polish?

  2. sorry, it was lipstick, of which I only wear lip - gloss

  3. Great update / post today R!
    I agree, Karen looks great! I love how you turn the fun dial up to maximum at every chance you get! What a great example you are!
    I also love that you stopped at Annie's chocolates. Was that your first time? I couldn't imagine driving by it (for years now) and not stopping in :)