Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tar and Roger

Another quiet day with zero medical intervention. Tomorrow we go for a check up in the morning then hopefully some more sight seeing so it's a good that I'm finally headed towards the last of Monday's tourist pictures.

After pier 21 on Monday we drove over to Point Pleasant Park. It's beautiful but see if you can pick up what caught my eye the most as you look through these pictures.

This is where that tail disappeared to:

I learned later that this is a cat named Tar. He's part of a well cared for colony of semi feral cats called Breakwater Cats or Pierre’s Alley Cat Society (PACS).

click here to read about them.

They have heated shelters in those rocks and live far longer than the average two years of a regular feral or farm cat because of the care and love they receive.

Made my day. When I returned to the car for a different lens ML said that I must be enjoying taking pictures of the seagulls on the rocks and I thought oh yeah that's what I'm supposed to be caring about so here you go:

More car window pics on the way to shopping:

Farmers is pretty much the only kind of milk around here.

Very cool store:

There we've finally caught up on Monday's sight seeing extravaganza. Whew!

It's raining today. Yay!

It was also snowing tonight but we were snug and warm. Roger the therapy dog and her person braved the elements to come visit us.

So beautiful, wished I'd brought down my big camera.

Yes, Roger is a she. She was named by her little brother who figured it didn't matter to Roger what her name was but I wonder if he figured in how often that story would have to be told :)

They guess that Roger is a husky lab cross. And she's actually from Labrador. She was rescued from possibly being a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. Apparently she was nuts till she was four and now she's a sedate empathetic little lady who can tell when people aren't feeling well.

Roger is my favorite kind of dog. The kind who sits on your feet and leans in. She also quietly insisted on belly rubs. Probably knew I was missing my cat who turtles over onto his belly for rubs at the drop of a hat.

When I stopped she kindly but nevertheless firmly suggested I resume with a gentle paw to my knee.

Left it there in case I forgot the plan.

Good dog Roger.

In other news I handily won the Phase 10 game this afternoon and even went straight through for the first time ever!

That's a ridiculously low score for both of us. I'm usually over 600.

Then tonight we practiced cribbage again. Who knows if we got it right but the important thing is that I won best of three games. If you've been keeping score over the past few weeks you'll know that I was due.

One of the perks of having cancer is that treats like a ton of boxes of cracker jacks suddenly appear in the dining room.

Mary Lynn won the first crib game so she got to open the box.

However I won the second game and the third one came down to this:

And since I won I got to decide where the prize went.


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