Friday, 18 April 2014

Holding pattern

Long day at Victoria General or QEII or multiple other names that I don't know.

ML's blood sugars were high so that threw everyone for a loop as that's just not something they deal with on the transplant unit much. It was almost comical to watch them take a blood sugar count on the floor with a new glucometer. They were laughing at it themselves too.

Some of her other counts came back a bit better but the ANC went down to 90 and she has to be at least 500 to get to start the next kind of med she needs to be on. Normal is 4000.

This is not to worry, it is all still in the realm of normal but it means she's still at high risk of infection. She does have a cold that is moving into her sinuses but no fever, still low 36's and that's the main thing.

I count us very fortunate that we really have to spend so little time at the hospital and that it's a very nice one.

While ML rested I found some new friends down in the cafeteria.

Pictures of them still on my camera as well as the ones I took later down at the end of South Street at the West Arm. Water!

But tonight you're just getting the pictures I took on my walk on Wednesday night when I only made it half way to the West Arm.

I write this blog partly as a back up of my pictures so I try to keep them kind of in order.

It was very refreshing and relaxing to get out and just take pictures of anything and nothing.

These daffodils are coming up outside the lodge where we stay during the week.


My home town.

Great now I've got the Abba song - Waterloo going through my head. And hopefully you do too :)

My homing beacon!

ML at dinner tonight at Ella's.

Another great one! Shrimp with a delicious blush sauce.

Ella really does spoil us.

This Grandma Emily display at the hospital calls me to buy a package for Emily but she wouldn't like any of the things inside :( though she is getting more adventurous with trying new foods.

Happy Easter from us here and little Elizabeth in Scotland...

as well as Rebekah in PEI!

And Lorelai in Edmonton too!


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