Thursday, 17 April 2014

Duck duck goose swan?

We are at Ella's again now for the long weekend. Tomorrow, Friday we go to the hospital at 10:30 am for blood work and a 3 hour magnesium drip. Well ML gets that stuff and I watch. Hoping to get to the ocean in the afternoon if it works out.

ML is still sneezing and colder than usual and getting some Charlie horses probably because her magnesium is low but is feeling ok otherwise as evidenced by this:

In my defence this time I stood beside her on the up and down parts and right after I saved my camera I would've caught her.



I've finally been able to download my pictures here and so I have a ton to show you but I'll just start out with the geese from April 14th. ML is still holding out for them to be young swans.

Somebody might be getting goosed:

Do do do

There. We're caught up to the 14th :)

Might blog more tomorrow while we're at the hospital.

My knees tell me I'm probably setting new land records for walking even though we took a cab back.

Thanks to Cheryl for letting me know that these are Coltsfoot:

And that they mean spring!

Anybody want to weigh in on the duck vs young swan issue?


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