Sunday, 6 April 2014


Tomorrow morning at approximately 8:30 am the stem cell transplant takes off.

Today I tried to get the birds in motion

This was actually a little squirmish like we want Jim's stem cells to have with ML's.

Front or back?

Back :)

Balancing act:

ML sent some pictures of Jim and her husband Philip at the Citadel.


Thanks to whomever took these pictures!

So back to my regular walk patter.

Look who's back already.

I got close to the gazebo but not too close.

There will be quite a clean up this year.

The lost shoes made it through the winter.

I hope that eventually something grows through them but they look pretty indestructible.

Cool feet:

I saw a couple of new birds.

This downy woodpecker was hammering away at dead limbs. Lots to choose from!

He had a little red on his neck.

Pretty far away but it looked like he was trying to impress this robin.

Barking up the wrong tree I think.

This is a European starling.

It'll be solid black with a little green in the summer.

Harry headed straight for the cat nip pot.

He seemed to find something!


Now that's optimism.

Still a bit wet for a cat.

But this happened for the first time this year:

He's still very nervous about cars so he'll enjoy hanging out in uncle Henry's nice quiet back yard soon. Sorry about the bedazzled harness Henry.

Harry's hoping for maybe a new peacock feather to play with there too.

This one is toast.


Still a bit of a dream:


  1. Safe travels, I'm heading out today also. My prayers are with you all, especially ML.

  2. Thanks once again for the love and prayers we feel from here!