Thursday, 31 October 2013

A year later

Yesterday when we were out and about Caleb and Emily pointed out that exactly this time last year I had just finished radiation and last Halloween was the awesome pirate end of radiation celebration.

Dana was in hospital waiting for Cooper to be born. That's her on the laptop.

I'm grateful to be a year away from all that pain and I'm grateful for the safe arrival of this little lion.

I'm grateful for all my loves including but not limited to strawberries, Rubik's cubes and pirates!

Emily and Caleb have mastered the Rubiks cube to the point where Emily looked at Karen's wonderful creation and immediately told her that the color combinations were not possible.

They have memorized all the "logarithms" and can not only solve the cube from any point but can make different patterns at will. Me? I don't even know what a logarithm is when it's at home and I'm lucky to get one side all one color.

I probably shouldn't of gone for a walk today because of my cold but I did. It was just such nice warm rain.

Harry told me he wanted out but I didn't buy it.

Well good bye Halloween and sadly - hello Christmas.


Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Short and sweet

Not a lot of pictures today, it was a shopping and swimming day!

Couldn't help but snap at the neat sky on the way to the mall.

So I bought a swim suit and a heavy winter coat - one end of the spectrum to the other but both things I needed. Bring on the cold weather. (But not the ice.)

We had a good swim, I'm fighting off a cold, hoping to keep it a little bit at bay, fun family weekend coming up. Will have to hit the oregano tablets tonight. I don't really know if they help but they give you something to make you feel like you're fighting it.

Good night. Have a fun Halloween!


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tuesdays with Sharon

My last two Tuesdays have been awesome because of visits from this amazing lady!

That's my friend Sharon from Australia. I did my thing where I confused "next Tuesday" with the date she had originally told me she was coming and the upshot was that when she showed up last week I was totally caught off guard. Thrilled to see her but gob smacked. Luckily I was dressed and my trusty Keurig was ready to go after a quick mug wash!

We had a great visit and the best part was that she could come again THIS Tuesday!

It has been 20 years since she was here in Canada getting her doctorate and the time really meant nothing.

Sharon walked from Duke and Weber street to here because she's used to driving on the left side of the road and felt it was more diplomatic to walk or take a cab than kill people. She's funny that way!

Harrison's walk was a little shorter. Specifically he walked one porch length and back. Oh well I got a bit further after he went back in.

Some squirrels for Sharon:

Do you see the bird below?

Apparently today was International Cat Day. I'm not sure that made it any different than any other day for this boy.