Thursday, 3 October 2013

Fun with Emily

So great to see Emily two days in a row!

The first thing we did while there was still light was prepare some special things to take over to the memory garden for Mom and Gerry.

We put this and some sewing thread in the locket.

This was for Gerry.

Oh Harry.

We let Harry choose where we'd take pictures of our trinkets.

Harry picked this bench and Emily saw right away that I'd be able to photo shop the names in. Not my best work as it's late but that's not important. My apologies to Lois to whom the plaque belongs.

My yellow flowers are finally done. I sure enjoyed them!

Time for some Rice Krispie sculpture. Made them in the microwave and had some major marshmallow explosions right out of the bowl!

Emily loves her kitties!

Rubik's cube, chicken and eggs, rocket and kitty.

Always time for a sparkly pedicure!

Thanks for being you Emily!


Not sure this picture needed the words but its cute:

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