Thursday, 24 October 2013

Gray is okay

Well my big news is that I now have ios7 on all my devices. So far so good. In bigger news for me - I also found an app that allows me to move videos between my devices and computer. That means a LOT of shuffling and organizing.

I want to get my video of Cooper's first 6 months together soon. It's great that I have so many pictures - but MAN I have a LOT of pictures and videos that I haven't even looked at. I'm about 4 or more years behind on birthday videos so with Cooper I want to stay on top of it.

I also am finding a lot of pictures and videos of Mom's last few months and that's really bitter sweet.

It's probably something I need to get to another stage of grief - past just feeling relieved she is free.

My brother Henry took that last picture a few months before she died when she mostly just wheeled herself to a door and waited to leave.

A cold gray day, Harrison didn't make it off the porch. But I had a good walk with my toasty warm coat.

Doesn't matter how gray the day is there's always colour to find somewhere.


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