Saturday, 5 October 2013

I shall call...

my coffee table book - Taking Pictures Of Nothing While I Walk My Cat.

This was a pretty amazing surprise on a gray day!

So was this:

End of the line Bub, there was a tree I couldn't have got the leash around.

Pictures taken while I wait for Harrison to assimilate the fact that he will have to turn around:

Oh alright.

But I don't have to like it!

Actually a meow means okay I'm coming, it just looks grumpy.

I need to get a better look at this stuff on a sunny day. It looks metallic.

Hey look. We made it over to the nursing home!

It sure wasn't a straight path but nevertheless we made it! Proud of my little wall walker.

Keep an eye out for Todd please.

I know I couldn't bear it if my boy was not home.

Look away Gracey with a Y! (Who is doing quite well thank you very much since her stem cell transplant!) ((She's just never gonna want to get this close to any animal but we're friends anyway.))


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