Monday, 21 October 2013

Picture imperfect

I felt weird today because I did not go for a walk. I was waiting for a phone call for my abdominal CT scan appointment which will be on November 19. I'm not in pain all the time but whatever it is is still there so it's worth getting it checked out to be free of it.

I know that soon it won't be nice enough anymore to walk outside. In preparation for that I am moving out my hulking exercise bike and moving in a treadmill. Taking pictures is a big motivator for me so I'll probably need to set time and intensity goals instead to maintain an interest.

And I also know it's not the end of the world not to walk every day. I don't fail if I don't walk. But then tonight Harry started running around and I felt like I needed to do something.

Karen had mentioned that maybe we could look for some exercise videos on YouTube and sure enough I found this video.

Eleven minutes of seated cardio was a commitment I could make and I did it!

Harrison was pretty fascinated so he slowed down to watch. Next time I plan on holding a cat toy wand in my hand which should get him going too.

Well maybe.

You just never know if the laser is going to be the most exciting or the most boring thing in the world.

He did do some fishing and birdwatching tonight.

The loon calls were pretty exciting. Although I couldn't tell if it was good or bad exciting.

Here are the last batch of pictures from that September day with Ava and Olivia. They're having their big Florida adventure at Discovery Cove tomorrow! Hope the underwater camera is behaving well!

As you may or may not recall this is the photo session where I accidentally left my forced flash on while trying to get close enough to take pictures of the girls and wrangle my cat who was determined to go in the other direction so there's lots of photo tricks happening here. I'm kind of the mindset that you should either leave a picture alone or play with it to your hearts content but maybe not both. I see lots of tutorials by professional photographers who are SO excited by the changes they have made with 50 steps and I look at the before and after pictures and think okaaaay, glad you're happier with it now but I don't see it. I am happy to leave the professionalizing to them.

I'd give a lot for the faces to be clearer in these next two though, oh well, it's not like these are the only two pictures I have of them!


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