Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Poker and a long meander

So, the rest of yesterday's pictures. When Max and I arrived in the back yard I was blown away by the beauty of these flowers.

Mary said she cut them way back but they've made a huge comeback. The front of their house is beautiful but I really love the backyard. It's so peaceful.

Max did some nice posing. Love the lopsided ears. Hiei ladies!

Guys it's time to go in!

Actually it's time to go to Henry's for poker! He has a lovely back yard too.

He BBQ's a great sausage as well!

Meet Helga our dealer chip:

It was Al's idea to give her eyes.

Truthfully the one thing we didn't do was name her so I took that upon myself now.

I can't do card tricks like Caleb but I can seem to tell if there're 52 cards in a deck. Once I knew we were missing one card this time I felt that the jokers were in. We're never going to use them so they became costumes for our Flemish gourds.

Henry's son Todd (Cooper's uncle) fashioned this lovely bonnet.

There was some chip balancing and a lovely romance.

Sadly Frankels unibrow didn't show up well.

They soon welcomed a little white egg.

We felt Frankel should have a hat too.

Sometimes we played poker.

Henry is on the verge of having a hand of Jacks being named after him like a pair of threes is a Jim. He'll have to be consistent with that next time. Al got really far in the game with kings and said part of the reason he did so well is that he sat in Caleb's chair.

Like I said last night, I somehow ended up winning. It was our shortest game ever, ironic since there were no kids playing that had school tomorrow.

Jim kindly pointed out that my first smile was a tad crazy but I'm posting both anyway.

Today's walk was a long one. Three hours! We were by NO means moving all that time. I just pretty much let Harrison dally about wherever he wanted. But still we were outside in the fresh air and just pushing my heavy rollater on grass and standing up and down that many times is good too.

Yeah we sat under this tree for a loooong time.

Cause he loves this table.

We moved about 20 feet and then took up rolling.

We even had time for a bath.

Nosy neighbour:

Fuzzy neighbour.

Looking forward to more bird watching once the leaves are gone.

Harrison took this sign to heart.

Not sure if he knew we were approaching crazy new grate territory.

Apparently it is still not prudent to sit upon it.

Little fiddler.

Harrison did some pretty fancy footwork today along cliffs.

Somebody was tuckered out when we got home.


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