Saturday, 26 October 2013

Many walks

Help! I'm drowning in a sea of pictures! So many pictures. I have such a hard time deleting anything from my iPod because the minute I do someone will ask me for it. Happened again today. I have a decent system for backing things up now but I need to organize it.

Anyway all that to say I was too pictured out last night to post. So here are yesterday's pictures. I'm happy to report that I have a couple of new walking buddies! My friend and neighbour Susan and I will be wailing every, ha ha Siri that's WALKING every Friday.

That's Susan in the black coat, and that's our friend Diane handing over Deanna's leash!

Deanna is a shy little pup who is just getting to know me. She always wants to play with Harrison but he has no time for her. Speaking of Harrison he doesn't get to come for this walk because I don't think Susan wants to stop every 10 feet to sit and watch squirrels for 20 minutes. I must say that having him watch me go around the building twice from the window seemed to inspire him to walk better when it was his turn.

Susan's roses are still looking pretty good!

We noticed some new decorations, and later I noticed some that are on their way out.

Harrison did get his walk in and like I said seemed to step pretty smartly after having been left behind.

Today I told myself I didn't have to walk because it was pretty dingy and I was doing laundry. That seemed to be all it took for me to be motivated to go for a walk.

Because it was a surprise walk even to myself I only had my iPod with me but it did okay.

Once the wash was in the dryer there was time for a Harry walk.

I was pretty proud of him because it was drizzling and he kept going anyway.

And didn't rush home when it started raining a little bit harder, although he did have to give himself a shake.

That boy is becoming positively rugged!

When we got inside I helped him dry off.

But he did his own paws...

And help with mine too!

Sweet boy.


Ninja cat

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