Sunday, 27 October 2013

Chasing light

Who'da ever thunk I could go to church, go to the gym and do the circuit, go grocery shopping, walk my cat and then walk some more all in one day? I'm exactly 7 months out from this new knee and it's a keeper. It's exciting! Yes I still do my outside walking with a rollator but that's almost more about core strength, having a portable chair and having somewhere to put down my camera. I'm trying to lean on the rollator less because it's actually my arms and hands complaining more than my knees most days now. Life is a balancing act.

Oh and the abdominal pain is pretty much gone now though I'll still get it checked out just to be safe. Really happy about that.

This is a picture that my friend & neighbor and fellow photography enthusiast Annie took from her balcony of Harrison and me out walking. Love it.

He's not normally heeling that nicely - more likely to be stretched out at leash end - trailing behind me, stopping every 32 seconds to establish who is setting the pace or haring off into a thicket after a chippy but it was pretty chilly so he was trotting along briskly.

It took some convincing to get him outside today after yesterday's walk in the rain. There were only bits and pieces of the sun to find.

Brown is a colour too.

I found the sun again over behind the nursing home!

Made some shortbread cookies for my friend Sharon who is coming to visit from Australia on Tuesday!

Almost too much butter if there's such a thing!

Tonight's &'s are brought to you by my niece Emily!

No special effects added. Whiskers is just that talented!

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