Saturday, 12 October 2013

A kitten-tastic day!

Remember my niece Melissa who recently lost her bulldog buddy Dexter? Well I was surprised to learn last week that she was considering getting a cat. I think she may have considered a while longer but this week my other niece Dana helped rescue a litter of kittens that was dumped behind the Humane Society. It's too bad the people didn't know that there is a night box that you can put animals in safely.

However the kittens were in good condition and well socialized and today we went over to help Melissa pick two out!

Cooper was there to greet us with his newest trick - a great big wave!

I think he's still working on the smile AND wave aspect which might make it look a little bit less like a threat.

Another wave

Still waving! Probably wondering where Caleb and Emily were.

We were well greeted!

Ava and Olivia had some cool flash cards to give Cooper while we waited for Dana to bring the kittens from her friend's place.

The weather is crazy nice and warm so Olivia took some shade.

Good thing Henry is such a fit Grandpa!

The kittens arrive!

There were 4 gray striped girls and one black boy with a crooked tail.

This little girl was a keeper right from the get-go.

The first possible pair were these two.

As you can see Mr. Crooked Tail has tons of personality but there is a chance he might have another home so melissa kept looking.

Olivia and Ava were a big help too.

A little kitten shuffling chaos!

Mr. still learning how to be gentle had to be closely watched!

Poor Graycee was in the house listening to all of this!

In the end these were the lucky duckies that get to go live with Melissa.

Melissa's beautiful wrist tattoo says "In life, wonderful things can happen." Something that Emily wrote in my inspiration book during radiation. I love how it shows up in these pictures.

Vet tech Dana was able to do a flea treatment right on the spot!

And away we went!

Leaving Cooper feeding leaves to the remaining kittens - cause that's what you do at a petting zoo right?

They dropped me off and headed back to Ava and Olivia's for the night. Melissa says it might be a job of work to get the kittens away from the girls tomorrow!

Those are some big feets I wonder if she's going to be a big girl?

Melissa's dad, my brother Jim got to meet his new grandbabies too!

And one of the best parts of all is the names that Melissa is calling them! This was their adoption announcement on Facebook:

Isn't that awesome! Although I do wonder how much knitting Melissa will get done over the next little while! Oh well she'll be busy enough anyway and hopefully sending us a whack of pictures!

Don't forget there are still lots of kittens including some from this litter that will be going to the Humane Society tomorrow that need homes including this little girl:

If a confirmed dog lover like Melissa can do it so can you!

In my news, I fired up my new Keurig for the first time today! All my mugs are too tall but that didn't stop me!

Karen says it looks like I'm drinking gravy! Hmm how about that for a flavour idea!?


This looks like a job for my talented sister Anne. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. Such fun picking out a new pet. I drove Andrew crazy, I loved just going and looking at the animals in the shelter. These are adorable girls and I love the names.