Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The distance

So I told you about the Ticat game in the last entry but I had a few more pictures I wanted to post. Mostly from during warm up and the giant flag.

I felt great all day at the game then I sneezed twice on the way home. That my friends was foreshadowing.

So far I'm just sneezing and going hot and cold and feeling like old Dr. Young used to say, a little punk.

But that's boring. Look at the nice views my sister's family had last week at Algonquin!

Believe it or not this was part of their camp site:

Love those peeps.

There was wifi at this lookout and I was the happy recipient of some FaceTime scenery!

Whiskers helped unpack!

Caleb has been hard at work at card tricks and he showed me some of those with FaceTime too.

Harrison was very impressed. Both kids are getting really good at the Rubik's cube too. Kind of nice that they can put their iPods down.

And now it's time for your monthly Rebekah fix. You're welcome!

We figured out tonight by driving the route that counting the graveyard my big walk was 1.7 km. Counting the later walk with Harry that's nearly 2km! Pretty happy with that! Hoping to feel good enough to go walking again soon.



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