Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Emily saves the day

These long cat walks/sits give me lots of time to start playing with the manual settings of my camera. Sometimes I have 30 pictures of the same thing. Well, I mean even more of the same thing than I show you guys!

A few elusive leaves blowing in the wind:

Really hard to capture because if there are any trees in the background you can't see them.

The iPod wanted to play too:

Yes we were stuck under the same tree again. To the point where I started taking picture of garbage flying by.

Harrison had decided he might move when...

So happy to see Emily that he...

Turtled right off the table!

It was rib night! We ate outside one more time even though it was a little chilly.

Soon it was time for swimming, no pictures because the water camera is on it's way to Florida with Ava and Olivia! Yay!

Look at the lovely portrait of Rebekah's family. That's Luke, my sister Mary Lynn's son and his beautiful wife Jennifer. We're going to see them out east next summer hooray!

Also, look at Melissa's little happy family! No posing done!


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