Friday, 11 April 2014


We started today with a mad fast packing session. We need to leave our lodge room for the weekends and we have a LOT of stuff. My rollator is the star of the show in helping to carry things.

We made it over to ML's appointment at the hospital only a few minutes late.

We were there for a few hours while ML had blood taken for testing and a magnesium drip.

Her bloodwork came back before we left and her infection fighters are even lower. Only 0.4 so it's even more important to avoid crowds. 4.5 to 11 is normal. Even though it's far too low it's still in the normal time period post transplant for numbers to be low. Strange to see such a low number as it's been up in the 600's in the past.

I said tonight that when I look around the treatment room and see all the other folks receiving treatment it looks like ML is the only one with sunshine shining around her.

Our way back to the lodge isn't pretty, the backside of a hospital usually isn't. But it is interesting.

Liquid air delivery. Apparently not easily contained!

This is where we are staying during the week:

Coming down the hill saying hi and thanks for the bracelets!

This hill.

It's a bit of a challenge for me going up but we've worked out that ML pushes my rollator up and I go up the stairs.

When we got back to the lodge we called our friend Ella where we are staying for the weekend and she zoomed over to pick us up.

We headed to a Sobeys for some food. Don't think we have this in our Sobeys back home.

I bought this:

For the pigeons at Victoria park.

This is Ella. She is a fantastic hostess.

Sorry about the blur.

Our dinner!

We helped Emily with her homework about this guy today via skype.

Ella happened to have a book about him.

ML received some special mail from Rebekah today!

And a beautiful card from her mom and dad Jennifer and Luke too!

So that's us today.


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