Monday, 21 April 2014

Salt water

Big day of sight seeing and shopping. Those pictures another day. We need to be at the hospital at 8 am. Hoping to hear of some numbers going up. ML's pretty much totally recovered from her cold which we're hoping is a good sign.

On Friday after the hospital we went down to the North West Arm and I took pictures for five minutes.

So you'll know where we are:

Legend for picture below:

Blue: North West Arm
Orange: Ella's
Purple: cancer lodge
Tiny Tulips: Public Garden

Today we skyped for a few minutes with Lizzy in Scotland. And her Mum Heather but her screen shot wasn't as flattering :)

Oh and today I took down a rack of fabric at Fabricville. There's Ella picking up bolts of fabric after me. Kinda her fault anyway cause I knew my rollator couldn't fit between those tables and she waved me though.

We got kinda punchy with laughter after we got to the next store and noticed I still have strands of thread from the fabric as trophies hanging from my rollator.

Poor thing is noisy and creaking - my rollator not Ella. Hoping it hangs on for the duration. I couldn't bring my new red one because I'm thinking the change in seats (the new one is more like a swing seat) might've caused my back to go out in the weeks before I came out and so I'll have to try it out again slowly when I go home.

So yeah you sure can hear me coming!


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