Monday, 7 April 2014


My sister Mally received a big bag of Jim's stemcells today and now we wait while a peaceful corpuscle takeover happens. Get it? Corporate takeover. Sorry.

The transfer of Jim's stemcells to Mary Lynn went really well. Jim gave so much of himself that he doesn't have to wait around two more days to see if they need more and can go home tomorrow! I think when they factored in his age they forgot to factor in the Super Jim quotient. Not to mention the number of people praying and sending good thoughts their way.

I started taking pictures of these three roses last fall because they were out witting, outlasting and out playing all the other flowers. I was well into fall colours and pumpkins by this time.

Taking a picture became something I did every time I went past them. Started calling them the rose sisters.

They are at the exact opposite end of the long building where I live and seeing how they were doing often became an added incentive to keep walking just a bit further.

Even when the weather got extreme.

But we had a ton of sunshine this winter too.

And in my eyes they just got more beautiful.

And amazing. Especially when they made it to spring!

Yesterday I took my last pictures of them.

I'm done. I'm gonna let the natural order of things progress. There'll be new life soon.

As Paul said, "You should just throw those tomatoes out... they're gone..."

Listen. I'm not going to try to impart some deep meaning into this. I wasn't sitting here for weeks thinking it would be a good omen for Mary Lynn if the roses hung on till the transplant. I'm a little too practical for that way of thinking. But... There have been several times when she's been hanging on by one or two petals. Her blood numbers were pretty wild sometimes. You'd never know because her faith is absolute. She wins either way. But she's fighting for life and this procedure is a big step toward it.

It's not over. There's still a fight. We still need to pray and we need to wash our hands when we are around her. A lot.

I was telling someone that Mary Lynn is Mary and I'm Martha. Except ML is Mary and Martha rolled into one cause she'd be sitting at Jesus' feet but she'd have jigged for herring and baked the flat bread yesterday and would have it on the table in five minutes along with a variety of salads and the best dessert you ever tasted.

And I'd be sketching pictures of events as they happened and thinking about how I'd write the story of the visit in my scroll. I'm not putting myself down, we're just different.

Okay I need to finish packing, almost ready to go!

Harry's being extra sucky cause he's not a dummy :)

Talk to you next from Halifax! Or maybe the T.O. Airport cause I'll have all of my scroll equipment with me of course.

See you soon Mally!

PS look what I got from Annette and the girls for my birthday:

There'll be purple hair abrewing when I get home!


  1. What can I say to that? I'm sure looking forward to seeing you.
    I'm not doing much work these days.

  2. Fantastic Ruthie and Mary Lynn! I certainly have been keeping you all in my thoughts and my prayers. The Holy Spirit and Jesus have continually been interceeding for you, Mary Lynn!