Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Today Philip and Mary Lynn and I went over for her check up.

This tower is our homing beacon :)

ML was able to answer "no no no" to most all the questions about symptoms.

Before we went over I received these very special birthday gifts.

Very special!

Philip headed home to PEI around lunchtime and ML and I had a good lie down rest. She noticed these two birds outside our window.

Your nature pics for the day :)

We got a call with the results of the morning blood work and learned that some of ML's infection fighting numbers have dropped so we're working even more at staying away from crowds and I'm trying to do stuff like push the elevator buttons except that breaks down when I continue to push the wrong ones and the rear door opens. Yes.

The drop in infection fighting cells is not unexpected. It's actually maybe even a good sign that the Jim VS ML knockem sockem prize fight has begun. We are doing our level best not to live in fear while using the common sense God gave us. And we trust.

Tonight we were going to go over to the look good feel good class so there was a chance you might've seen pictures of me wearing purple eye eyeshadow. Stay tuned we may still go another time when we can do crowds again and or buy some makeup on our own.

Oh and ML cleaned my clock in a canasta game tonight even though she wasn't counting up nearly half the points that she could. I'd like to tell you that I'm letting her win but if you'll recall I'm not being successful with only going through airport security once and pushing elevator buttons correctly so I think we all know why I'm losing. I'm going to get more sleep tonight so watch out!

Harrison is checking out spring at Uncle Henry's house.

We had a bit of sun late afternoon and plan on some more tomorrow.

Thanks so much for all your birthday well wishes including this special one from Scotland.

See what fun we can make tomorrow.

I wouldn't be anywhere but right here.


  1. Betty Sue Curtis10 April 2014 at 12:05

    May God pour His blessings upon you all!

  2. Happy Birthday! May the spring in the air be the spring in your step and the warmth of the sun be the warmth in your heart. :)