Sunday, 13 April 2014


We had another quiet but fun day. No pigeon chasing or tree climbing. No promises about tomorrow though.

We had some of the delicious chowder ML made for Jim last weekend.

ML's friends (and now mine) Evan and Shawna came over to play some Euchre.

Less than winners hand shake:

I'm not going to say Evan and I cleaned their clocks but their time keeping should be very efficient from now on :)

And there were various times we thought we detected a hint of skunk in the air.

Evan and Shawna helped us pack up and brought us back to our second home at the lodge.

Meanwhile back at the ranch it was cousin night at the Waterloo rec centre.

And Harry has totally bonded with Unky Henry.

I think that's a - why did you stop petting me meow. Harry does not however approve of raking in the slightest.

Tonight Cooper came over and it looks like he was encouraging Harrison to eat.

The animals at Cooper's house are not free range eaters so Cooper was probably surprised that there was food in the bowl at all.

A lot of you have seen my pictures from last Thursday at the parks here in Halifax on Facebook but here are a few anyway for the blog only folks.

Our hospital. There are a whole whack of them in this area.

We're pretty sure these are young swans.

Like I said not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow - we have no appointments. Stay tuned!


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  1. Hope springs new!
    Looks like it is a little colder there than it was today! You couldn't wear a coat today it was warm and very blowy!