Thursday, 3 April 2014

Moose movie

Jim had his first appointment and shot in Halifax today and feels fine so far. Mary Lynn was given more anti nausea meds today so she and lunch agreed. No word on if she and supper had a falling out. Heh heh.

One more day of chemo! Then ML will have the weekend off and the transplant will be on Monday. Jim will continue to get a shot per day to increase the stem cells in his blood through the weekend.

ML still can't send out emails but is resting a lot anyway.

We interrupt this blog for a cute purring cat picture.

I did absolutely nothing today except have a splendid supper with my sister in law Mary. Highly recommend having great sister in laws as well as sisters!

She is also a great giver of gifts. Harry and I had so much fun gradually exploring this tonight.

We thoroughly enjoyed the card!

Very cool.

There were lots of treats to enjoy over time with my daily coffee but these were outstanding.

You know how when you make fudge you can check for doneness by dropping some into cold water and you have a candy thermometer so you only really do that because the result of the test tastes better than the fudge you make? Well Hugo and Nate have harnessed and packaged that mythical candy state somehow!

Rock on Hugo and Nate!

Tissue paper is the gift that keeps on giving for harry

Thanks Mary you rock too.

Well I'm up late again because apparently the song Happy from Despicable 2 is happy to go viral but not happy to be in my birthday at the moose video. So you'll have to turn the sound off of the generic song I had to use and sing it yourself because really no other song will do.

You can see the video here.

And listen to the correct song here.


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