Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Well. Here I am in Halifax! More on that later but here are some pictures from yesterday's transplant. ML might want to post them another time too and explain them more.

And today she felt good enough to come to the airport to pick me up!

The morning started out with snow in Ontario. Karen and the kids picked me up early which was a good thing as traffic was stop and go before Milton.

Too tired to download the pictures from my big camera tonight so there might be some back tracking tomorrow.

None on the plane anyway cause I didn't have a window seat.

I managed to haplessly go through security twice. You heard me. Long story. So that was fun cause I had a lot of carry on stuff and my artificial knee went off big time so it got patted down twice. Also the gum Emily kindly gave me had a foil wrapper but I made it through and onto the plane.

It was a bumpy ride because I brought rain along with me. I heard the pilot say there were waves on the runway.

But there were ML and Phil at the gate and we sloshed our way to Halifax. Surprisingly the Halifax airport is not in or even particularly close to Halifax. Long story.

We had a really good turkey dinner and then a visit from George the wonder dog who visits here at the lodge that cares every Tuesday.

Then I gave ML her birthday present - a Phase 10 game.

She won! Beginner's luck I'm sure.

We FaceTimed several times with karen and the kids and ML opened her birthday/get well gift from Emily.

ML gave them a virtual tour of our room and her new dress which are both very nice.

Then she opened the gifts from Ava and Olivia.

They had been saving this pendant for a special occasion and decided this was it!

A flower too.

The other flowers are from Brent and Joannie.


ML's bracelet haul!

We have an appoint in the am at the hospital across the way. I'm trying to learn as much as I can as Phil heads home tomorrow and hands over the caregiver reigns. ML is pretty on top of things though so it's not a stretch.

My poor boarding pass:

Jim and I just missed each other at the airport by about 10 minutes today as he headed home.

Henry had a bit of an adventure picking up Harry cause my key didn't work but thank goodness for our key holders! Glad I gave them a heads up.

Harry was a good boy and walked right into the carrier and has cuddled with Henry twice already tonight. He's eating too.

On the can't miss cuteness front, Lorelai had her first swing ride today!


My niece Annette made that hat!

And come on!



  1. Happy Birthday Ruthe! Good luck Mom! Thanks Jim!

  2. Love that hat! If u can snag the pattern I would really appreciate it Ruthe!

    So glad to hear things went well with the transplant, for both the donor and recipient.

    I remember visiting ML and Phil when I was a kid and we went out east for holidays once