Friday, 4 April 2014


Well that's the week of chemo finished for Mary Lynn. She's always been a hard worker but I'm hoping this is the tiredest and sickest she will ever have to feel and that every minute from these next days on will be a journey back into the bloom of life. Just like the spring rain today is going a long way to bring on summer. (She didn't say today that she was sick or tired, I'm just guessing)

Jim says that so far the effects of the two shots he's had just make him feel like he does after a good game of squash. In fact I read that the shots he's receiving are human growth hormones so he may have to warn his squash buddies that he's been blood doping when he gets home and start calling himself Lance. He saw the Halifax Citadel fort today and they are all safely tucked into the home of their friend Ella for the weekend before the transplant or grafting on Monday.

So yeah rain. Apparently it just amped up the activity level of the birds and it made my walk even more fun than usual.

I'm surprised that I got anything in focus at all because my glasses were totally steamed up.

I met up with Mrs Red again!

I just had to go out again. Harry did not approve.

I don't fool around a whole lot with special effects but so many of my robin shots just looked so grey that I had some fun with them. Made you some wall paper like your Grandma had back in the day. On her wall, not computer.

Oh and I took an accidental picture of the inside of my rain coat too :)

Your welcome.

Determined to get this post done before my rogue unstoppable clock radio goes off at midnight. Hoping to find its replacement tomorrow.

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