Friday, 25 April 2014

Peggy's Cove Day

ML had a checkup today and she's still doing well. Her cold is pretty much gone and her platelets and Hemoglobin are heading up towards normal range though her infection fighter numbers did go down a bit. The nurse said some fluctuation is still to be expected. The white blood cell count and ANC will hopefully come up in the next week. She's still counting on going home next week.

I hate to break it to you but this might be the only scenery picture of Peggy's Cove you see before I go home on Tuesday night. We'll see, but these pictures are too important to me to post without seeing more than a thumbnail before I post them and I want to try editing them with Lightroom at home.

But I took 498 pictures today so there will be lots of others to show you before that.

That picture was taken from the parking lot of the memorial to Swissair Flight 111 that went down in 1998 five miles out. It's a sad story but as beautiful as a disaster can be in how the people of Nova Scotia reached out in love to the families and the respect they showed to the lost. There's a really deep understanding of lives lost at sea bred into the bones of folks round here.

And no ML didn't even attempt to climb on the rocks. Not sure what would've happened if it wasn't so bitterly cold though :)

ML treated her friend Elaine and me to a yummy lunch at Phil's Seafood and Elaine drove us to Peggy's Cove and was an awesome tour guide, stopping at tons of scenic places for me to take pictures. The second place we stopped this happened:






But wait, must've forgot why he crossed the road.

Ah, that's better. Nothing like stopping a bit of traffic to clear the head.

You got the feeling he did this all day long.

We are back in the loving arms of our friend Ella for the weekend.

Not sure if all hospitals have nautical thingies like this:

Could be gussied up with a bit of frayed rope and a sailboat decal I think.


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  1. The Goose stopped because he heard too many stories about the chicken.