Monday, 17 February 2014

Skip Alice

Tonight we played cards with Gerry. I'm bad with dates but I saw on her beloved grand daughter's wall that it's been 3 years since she passed away.

Gerry always told us she'd haunt us so tonight I told the ladies that since it's been 3 years, tonight we would do what Gerry loved doing best in Phase 10 - skip Alice at any and every opportunity.

In fact if you remember when Alice and I visited her gravesite the only card that moved in the breeze was the skip card. It flew right over to Alice.

How cool is it that Alice just happened to wear the same top tonight?

So we went ahead and skipped Alice ALL the time. Every chance we got. Didn't matter a whit. Apparently Peggie was up there too watching and intervening and Alice - Could. Not. Lose. She handily won both games and here's a photo of my nickel box:

Bea had lots of my nickels from other nights to give Alice.

Thanks for coming out Gerry and Peggie. We miss you. Deal Dot a Solo - Do hand for me please.

Not a whole lot going on outside today. I missed the brightest sun and the sidewalks were not the greatest but that's okay.

I was a little taken aback to see this fellow's fur.

He seemed jaunty enough and I looked it up. Apparently it doesn't always mean anything too serious. One professor said:

"The next time you see a squirrel with hair loss, don’t become alarmed. In most cases, the hair will return with no apparent ill affects to the squirrel, other than perhaps some embarrassment and name calling among his squirrel friends."

I love this picture:

Grandma Anne is taking the night shift over in Scotland and loving every minute of it.

Good night


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