Sunday, 13 July 2014

Close knit

The start of the pictures from Waterloo Park yesterday.

Lots more secret knitting went down.

This is what Lizzy does every time you lay her down. Working on her sitting abs.

Downy little duck.

Trip planning! It's coming up fast!

Lots more pictures to come. Coop hasn't even arrived yet!

We had a hungry little visitor...

to go with Lizzy's finished hungry little caterpillar quilt!

We have a new little friend on the porch hatbox with birthday money. That I bought with

Not sure yet what its function will be.

These red shrubs came out of nowhere. Can't wait to see what they are like when it's not dusk.

Once again we went on our second walk too late and the bugs were out. In my defence Harrison would not move off the porch because he was chippy hunting so it got later than I intended.

We seem to have a difference of opinion at the same point in our walk. I won't go over to the bug garden and he wants to.

After a while I tried my - setting him on the seat of the rollator trick again. He rode longer this time but I'm not sure if that's still because of the element of surprise. Once again though after I let him down we made it home in record time. He lay down a few times briefly, but that's just to let me know who's boss. Most of the time I prefer to let him set the pace of the walk. If I want to walk faster I can go by myself. I figure letting him set the pace is the least I can do in appreciation for his cooperation on the harness. But mosquitoes change everything.


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