Friday, 11 July 2014

Wonderful days can happen

Great day at Bingemans. I started by watching Annette and the girls bowl.

These eyes... Wow.

How much do I love that Vivi is boiling in this stress. That would be bowling in this stress Siri. This frock. Gown. Diaphanous wonder.

Come on Siri, I was in the water for tuna half hours today you have to do the typing. Sigh. 2 1/2.

Let's regroup and appreciate the beautiful girl in the beautiful DRESS.

She even pulls off the shoes!

A Daphne DuMaurier heroine if I ever saw one:

Today's wristband:

Today's sky:

Guess what? They fixed the wave pool. It's actually wavey now! It's awesome.

I made a friend while I waited to take a video of the purple slide.

A happy Minion.

Didn't see the big kids a lot when I had my camera out.

Harry's grass skirt toy was put to real use!

Just a few rose pictures from the cat walk earlier.

I wore my - in life, wonderful things can happen shirt today

And Knit or Purl wore it on Melissa's wrist :)


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