Friday, 6 February 2015

Draw something

Today's ct scan went well. The nurses and technicians were kind and professional and I knew enough not to wear metal so I didn't have to put on a gown of shame. Also they have revamped the signage so we didn't follow a faux green line into a dead end corner like I did with my friend Maureen a few years ago. Hee hee.

Drinking the clear salty dye is not my favourite thing but I have learned to chug it like a pro. It's like the equivalent of two extra large Tims coffees except actually extra large not just a different shaped cup than the large.

They should let you put some crystal lite in it. Or, let's go bigger, rum.

Then over to my pharmacist's for a med review which was fairly painless and he will stock up on the good drugs yay!

I got to spend the day with my sister-in-law Mary who is the best and bought me supper at Montana's. So a pretty good day.

Monday is Hamilton for two pre op appointments and it will be a long day. Lots of hyper critical doctors but I've decided not to take any crap from anybody (go pirate sharks) and let it be known in no uncertain terms that I do not wish to stay overnight in hospital unless absolutely necessary. But it will be a day with Karen and that's always a good thing!

Harry is being so cute right now with his leg crossed so neatly.

It's Mary's birthday tomorrow. It would have been easy for me to take one of my photos and put a wish on it but I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and try to draw her dog Max. Let's be honest it's the thought that counts. But there is a slight resemblance if you squint just right.

And Mary liked it anyway.

She's so nice. Happy birthday!

Quite a knife for dessert! Turns out it was for the frozen peanut butter layer.

My peach cobbler was pretty awesome too.


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