Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I can breath a lot easier today since I found out my CT scan was clear. My lymph nodes are looking good and are officially not invited to the party. My heart tests are also looking very good. The surgery is gonna be hard but I'm going in ahead of the game.

I ran across this rose from the fall and thought it was a good way to celebrate.

Not that I'm tired of winter yet because I'm not. Sorry to offend. I just love the lack of insects and heat so much. Mind you I don't need to shovel the white stuff or drive so I don't feel your pain there. But it might be closer to spring before I get back to walking again so I'm enjoying the snow now.

Today was an awesome lunch with friends!

Love these boys.

We have a little hockey photo shoot planned for later this week and Luke was kind enough to be my test subject.

Thanks buddy.

Harry was really anxious to get outside today so you'll notice that he's naked! It's not often that he rushes out that way.

He soon headed back in though and I headed back out.

When I got back Harry was waiting in the spot where I put his leash on and it was clear he wanted to go out again but was prepared to play by the rules.

He wasn't even upset when he showered himself with snow.


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